TWE Nonwovens US’s focus is to enhance the consumers’ experience through a quiet and comfortable connected cabin. Our innovative thermal and acoustical nonwovens provide our partners with an array of engineered solutions spanning virtually any interior or exterior application. Customers can mold, die-cut, and otherwise integrate our products (high-loft, needlepunched, and laminated composites) into complex systems solutions to drive weight reduction while meeting performance challenges.

Our expansive material background, engineering support, and product portfolio make it possible for our customers to creatively adapt to the changing market and capitalize on important opportunities. TWE Nonwovens US has built and continues to add to an extensive of material NVH and OEM specification test data to assist in these efforts.

Strategic cooperation with our clients, innovation, leveraging a wide range of technical capabilities, extreme product and process flexibility, and incomparable service have become our hallmarks. These traits and our continual pursuit of excellence are core to our value creation.

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