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The Nature of Absorption

The PET alternative for all of your moisture regulation needs. Because Climawatt provides better insulation, absorption, and comfort than standard PET, it’s the preferred choice for mattress panels, toppers, pads, sleeping bags and apparel.


Federal regulations require mattress manufacturers to ensure production materials are identical in all respects to qualified prototypes. VitaVantage goes beyond traditional quality assurance systems by providing multi-stage compliance validation from raw material through finished goods.

TWE Nonwovens US pioneered nonwovens quality assurance by adopting both ISO9000 and QS9000 over 15 years ago. 16 CFR Part 1633 demanded that TWE Nonwovens US once again lead the market to an advanced level of compliance testing.


The Nature of Safety

The Natural FR solution. VitaSafe utilizes natural Viscose fiber made from dissolving wood pulp. Since VitaSafe is free of chemical coatings, it is also free of the inconsistencies that can arise in the application of FR coatings during the manufacturing of a chemically-treated nonwoven barrier. It’s always 100% the same, 100% naturally.

VitaSafe features VitaVantage, the multi-stage compliance testing system that goes beyond traditional quality assurance systems by validating product blend accuracy and consistency guaranteeing repeatable product performance.


The Nature of Renewal

The first hi-loft nonwoven derived from 100% annually renewable resources such as corn. EnVita integrates the benefits of biotechnology with world-class nonwoven technology to provide a sustainable solution for virtually any application area.

Made from NatureWorks Ingeo fiber, EnVita replicates the performance and critical characteristics of traditional polyester nonwovens.

These products minimize our dependence on petro-chemical based polymers and aid in the reduction of green house gas emissions. As an environmentally-conscious supplier, TWE Nonwovens US offers these products to assist in your preservation efforts.

Soft Embrace

Soft Embrace. The allergen-free alternative to down. Providing great insulating capacity and loft, our premium micro-fiber gives you the benefits and flexibility¬†you need to offer your customers innovative products. From sleeping bags and jackets, to pillows and plush quilts, it’s a product designed for ultimate comfort