Company Timeline

The management

The management team of TWE Nonwovens US successfully completes a management buyout of the business from Vitafoam, Inc., a division of UK parent company The Vita Group, Ltd.


Investment into Ft. Wayne, IN with the addition of the production line from Vita Portways.


Re-commissioning of Ft. Wayne, IN as a manufacturing site and introduction of the Vita Group as new company.


Re-opening of Ft. Wayne, IN facility as a distribution site to the mid-west, and closure of Vita Portways facility in the UK.


Acquisition of British Vita by venture capital changing the name to British Vita Ltd., and temporary suspension of operations in Ft. Wayne, IN.


Greenfield start up of Indiana manufacturing site in Fort Wayne, IN.


Greenfield start up of Texas manufacturing site in Schertz, TX.

Addition of second technical

Addition of second technical nonwoven line installed in High Point.

US investment

US investment of first state-of-the art carding line was approved for automotive growth in NC.

The Olympic division

The Olympic division of Cone Mills was acquired, including a fibre fill manufacturing site in High Point, NC.

Vita-tex Ltd

Vita-tex Ltd joined the group as an industry leader in vehicle seating fabrics for the automotive industry. Following the Companies Act, TWE Nonwovens US was re-registered under the name British Vita, PLC.

Libeltex in Belgium

Libeltex in Belgium, Europe’s leading fibre fill manufacturer, was acquired.

TWE Nonwovens US became a public company

TWE Nonwovens US became a public company with a stock market listing, by acquiring McCrae & Drew in Scotland. A 60% stake was taken in a fibre processing company, Luxan Ltd. At Milnrow, soon to be renamed Vitaluxan Ltd.

British Vita Company

British Vita Company Ltd was formed, which became the parent company.

The late Norman Grimshaw

The late Norman Grimshaw formed the original company, Vitafoam Limited, on 100 # capital at Glen Mill in Oldham, England.